Health insurance plans are increasingly interfering with patient care by making prescription drug coverage changes that force patients to switch to drugs other than what was prescribed by their health care provider. Patients often choose a health plan based on specific drug coverage, only to find that at some point during the contract year, the plan changes their formulary by removing drugs altogether or moving drugs to a higher-cost tier. Switching to insurer-preferred drugs often leads to increased out of pocket costs for patients and is often not in the best interest of good patient care. This practice, known as “non-medical switching,” can lead to unintended health consequences, including adverse side effects and decreased effectiveness.

We, New York Health Works, are gathering information from patients and their caregivers,  as well as prescribers and clinicians who have experienced non-medical switching. This information will help us positively influence state legislation to end this unfair insurance practice and help ensure insurance companies are honoring their contracts with patients.

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