The Importance of Innovation: Patient Stories

Science defines the biopharmaceutical industry; it provides the necessary foundation for researchers to conduct complex innovative work in the search for new medicines and cures for patients suffering from disease.

While the biopharmaceutical research sector is one of the most science-driven and research-intensive sectors in the U.S., too often the science that underpins our industry’s foundation is misunderstood.

PhRMA’s “I am Research. Progress. Hope.” initiative provides an opportunity for scientists working in drug discovery and development at America’s biopharmaceutical companies to showcase their heroic and exciting work to younger generations while at the same time, bring to light what they do outside of work for fun.

Importantly, “I am Research. Progress. Hope.” provides a platform for biopharmaceutical company scientists to inspire grade school students to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields so that America can grow a new crop of talented innovators. It allows them to tell a story, in their own words, of the gratification they feel every day as they seek to help patients battling disease and the hope that they hold for future innovators to build on the advances that have been made in medicine.

In our eyes, biopharmaceutical innovators are rock stars and they should be viewed as an inspiration to others who have a desire to enter the fun and exciting field of science.