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New York Health Works keeps New Yorkers informed about vital health care issues while opening opportunities for involvement in public policy discussions. We believe an informed and active public is vital to the health and health care of our state.  
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Learn more about the fight to improve prescription drug options and affordability, along with other crucial health care access issues.
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Biopharmaceutical companies invest well over a billion dollars in research and development in New York State.
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Prescriber Prevails
Prescriber Prevails is a policy that protects patients and ensures that managed care insurers and Medicaid officials can’t override your doctors and other health care providers in determining your treatment options.
Step Therapy
Step therapy, or "fail first," bases treatment decisions on cost rather than medical necessity and ignores the safety and efficacy of certain medications for patients. Watch this video to learn more.
Non-Medical Switching
Non-Medical Switching can significantly increase out-of-pocket costs and can cause serious medical issues for patients! If you’ve experienced this practice, take our survey to share your story.
Roadmap to Health Mobile Health Fair Tour NYC
New York Health Works announced a new program that will be the first step in educating and empowering New Yorkers to take charge...