New York Health Works

Influencing health care policies & conversations

From the development of medicines and vaccines to evolving insurance options and legislative debates, changes in the health care industry affect millions of people – men and women, parents and children, young and old.

And that is why each of us must take an active role in understanding the policies and programs shaping today’s health care industry, so that we may be best prepared to address health concerns of New Yorkers right now and the concerns facing us in the future.

We believe the public deserves to understand the policies and conversations that shape the health care industry – and we believe the public deserves the opportunity to influence those policies and conversations.

Our Mission

New York Health Works strives to help New York residents stay informed about issues that impact their health care. We work to encourage New York residents to be actively involved in public policy discussions that promote access to quality health care, and we enable each New York resident to be an active citizen in determining the direction of their health care.

We believe that the active input of our citizens is vital to influencing a positive future for the health care industry, now more than ever before.

What We Do

New York Health Works brings together patient advocacy organizations, health care providers and the nation’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological firms to provide the latest news and information affecting the state of health care.

Health access is one critical area of concern, and we strive to bring you the most up to date news on issues surrounding New York State’s health exchange, patient protections, and medication access and affordability.

Together, we can participate in creating communities that are engaged in New York State’s health care decisions.