Health Care Access

New York Health Works wants all New Yorkers to have access to effective health care. All patients deserve the correct medicines and treatments necessary to better their lives despite their geographic location, financial situation, gender, ethnicity and religion. We are working to improve health care access and affordability, as well as minimize barriers to receiving life-saving treatments.

Access to health care plays a key role in maintaining health, reducing mortality, preventing emergency room visits and hospitalizations and improving worker productivity. With extended research and development we have established that proper use of medicines yields improved health outcomes, while treatment gaps and lack of adherence to prescribed treatments lead to higher spending on otherwise avoidable medical care.

The evidence shows that the potential cost savings on other services from appropriate use of medicines can be significant, particularly for the growing number of Americans with chronic health conditions. Policymakers, employers, health plans and other stakeholders should consider these potential savings in their efforts to promote higher quality health care for all patients.