Joint Statement by New York’s Leading Patient Advocacy Groups Regarding Legislative Restoration of Medicaid “Prescriber Prevails” Protections

We are pleased that the State Senate included a restoration of Medicaid “prescriber prevails” protections in its one-house budget bill.

The Senate restored protections for all classes of patients, which is the right thing to do.

All patients expect and deserve to have doctors – not health plan managers — make the final determination on which drugs they receive.  No one should have their treatment regimen disrupted and their health endangered.

The State Assembly — while agreeing that the policy needs to be changed – made only a partial restoration of the protections –applying only to those few individuals left in fee for service Medicaid and those being treated for mental illness in managed care.

We hope the Assembly will work with the Senate to further strengthen the protections.

In this regard, the logic that leads one to conclude that a doctor should have a final say over which drugs a mental health patient receives must also apply to cancer patients or AIDS patients or anyone suffering from a chronic disease.

Today’s Siena poll strongly underscores this point. An overwhelming percentage of New Yorkers believes that doctors, not health plan managers, should determine what drugs Medicaid patients receive. And when asked directly who they wanted to make final prescribing decisions for themselves and their families, 98 percent of respondents said they wanted their doctor to make the decision.

Moreover, as a recent CornellUniversity study has found, the cost of restoring the full protections is only fraction of what was claimed by the administration.

Restoring prescriber prevails protections is right from a health care perspective, is supported overwhelmingly by New Yorkers and is affordable.

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NAACP NYS Conference

Hispanic Federation

Gay Men’s Health Crisis

Latino Commission on AIDS

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Medical Society of the State of New York

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