New Discount Prescription Drug Program Available in NYC for Patients

There are lots of changes up in the air for health care reform.  While our country get things sorted out, in the meantime it’s important for patients to have plenty of options available if they need help with prescription medications.

The Queens Gazette profiled the new Big Apple Rx, a discount prescription drug program offered through New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. It looks like a great program, and along with the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, it offers New Yorkers even more options if they’re uninsured and financially struggling.

I’ve been working for years to connect patient advocacy groups and patients with more information about discount programs like PPA.  It’s important for people to know that help is out there when times are tough. Do you know someone who may be struggling to make ends meet and could use some help? Direct them to these programs and spread the word.

-Jaime Venditti