Weekly Dose of Health News February 24 – 28, 2014

Weekly Dose of Health News February 24 – 28, 2014


Topping off the Weekly Dose of Health News is a reminder to fill out this brief survey on “prescriber prevails” to gauge patient experience accessing their medications.  If you have already completed this survey, you do not need to do so again. If you have not, please return as soon as possible.


Reminder:  We need your help to make sure that patients are being served effectively with prescriber prevails! This survey will allow us to determine what’s succeeding and where improvements are needed. Please answer the 5-question survey, and share with others, so we can measure the success of the prescriber prevails policy.  Click Here! http://svy.mk/1hMqP6r


A mix of advocacy groups, pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurers and pharmacy benefit managers are strongly opposing a new Medicare proposal that will limit drug coverage and pharmacy access.


The New York Times has this editorial on the dangers of emerging infectious diseases and urges the Congress to approve funds to detect and detain these diseases from other countries.


The Centers for Disease Control are recommending that more people get tested for hepatitis C.  This article also discusses the improved treatment options available to those infected.


According to a new federal health survey, the obesity rate has dropped 43% among children, ages 2-5, over the past ten years.


The FDA is proposing improved labeling for foods, including easier to read calorie counts and adjusting labeling portions to what people actually eat.  The new labels will highlight the addition of sugars to foods.


Mental illness may be more prevalent among children of older fathers, according to a new study.


The NY State Of Health website reports that 501,205 individuals have enrolled in New York insurance exchange and 800,333 have completed applications as of February 25.


According to Capital NY, the Assembly and Senate are considering budget language that provides them with more say on how Medicaid waiver dollars are spent.


From the Times Union, more about the Governor’s budget proposal concerning out of network coverage and surprise billing.