New York State of Health: Why You Need Insurance

Health insurance is critically important for people of all ages, health conditions and lifestyles. Whether a single adult or a family of five, health insurance coverage for everyone in the household helps ensure that you can be prepared in the event of an unexpected health emergency or diagnosis.

Having health insurance became mandatory in 2014, and individuals who don’t have it now face a fine when they go to file their taxes. We never want New York residents to face that fine – we want you to have health insurance, because the benefits are tremendous!

Below are a few of the top reasons you need to have health insurance in 2016.

1. Health Insurance Prevents Health Issues from Escalating

Regular visits to your primary care doctor can help expose and treat small problems before they become more serious health concerns that not only cost more, but require extensive treatment and require time away from work.

Whether it’s preventing a simple case of the sniffles from becoming pneumonia, or treating high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis before they have more life-altering effects, health insurance provides you with access to more healthcare options that help prevent serious medical problems from developing.

2. Having Health Insurance Helps You Prepare for Any Injury

You might be a healthy person, overall. You don’t get the flu every year, you rarely get a cough, and you only ever go to the doctor for your yearly physical.

But health insurance doesn’t simply cover chronic illnesses – it covers spontaneous injuries, too! You might slip on ice and hurt your back, or fall off your bike and break your ankle. You could jam your fingers in a slamming door, or need stitches after a mistake in the kitchen.

We’re certainly not trying to scare you. These are the simple injuries and accidents that happen to people every day. Proper healthcare will make sure the injury heals correctly, reducing the chance you’ll need surgery later, and reduces the risks of infection, should your accident have resulted in an open wound.

3. Health Insurance Provides Peace-of-Mind

The risks of injury and illnesses are around us every day. You can’t stop your child from falling off their bicycle, needing stitches and a cast. You can’t always avoid your coworker’s cough, if they didn’t choose to stay home that day.

Things happen. Health insurance makes sure that if something happens to you, whether a scrape-up that requires some stitches, a seasonal illness that requires a prescription, or a more serious diagnosis, you have health insurance that will help lessen the burdens and costs of healthcare procedures and treatments.

4. Protecting Your Health Protects Your Loved Ones, Too

Having health insurance helps lessen the financial and emotional impacts injuries and illnesses have on your family members. Taking preventative measures to be healthy, and taking advantage of access to the care you need, allows you to be more active and engaged with your loved ones.

In addition, should unexpected health emergencies arise, you’ll have access to health professionals and financial support that lessen the worries and financial concerns your family members would encounter if you did not have insurance coverage.

5. Health Insurance is Easier to Access Than Ever Before

New York State of Health ( is the online marketplace made available to New York residents who need low cost, quality health insurance options. You can review various plans available and also apply for health care coverage from Medicaid and Child Health Plus by applying online.

We hope that 2016 finds you happy, healthy and prepared for any health surprise that comes your way. Reevaluate your health insurance decisions this year, and find the insurance policy that is right for you and your family.