Your Weekly Dose of Health February 12, 2016

National News:

-President Obama this Monday requested from Congress $1.8 billion to combat the Zika Virus, which has so far spread to several Central and South American countries.

-John Hopkins school of medicine is preparing to perform the first organ transplantsbetween H.I.V. positive donors and H.I.V. positive recipients.

-The New York Times parcels out the pros and cons of high deductible health insurance.

State News:

-Governor Cuomo this week announced a proposal to grant minors confidential access to H.I.V. prevention and care services, as part of his effort to end the AIDS epidemic.

-AIDS advocates are pressing the governor to include additional funding in his 30 day budget amendments to bolster his Ending the Epidemic campaign.

-Governor Cuomo announced regulations to end “conversion therapy”, a controversial practice that purports to change a person’s sexual orientation.

NYC News:

-Newly diagnosed cases of Hepatitis see are on the rise in New York City, writes Politico NY.