Your Weekly Dose of Health March 6th

Supreme Court Case Underway

Oral arguments are under way in the Supreme Court case over whether the federal government can provide subsidies to help people purchase insurance through the federal program. If the plaintiffs win, more than 8 million Americans could lose their health coverage. In the meantime, the GOP is working on a replacement for the law.

Prescriber Prevails

A Youtube video calls on legislators to protect and extend prescriber prevails.

Seniors Speak Out Speak Out on Part D

Seniors Speak Out argues in favor of protecting Medicare part D coverage.

Cuomo Meets with CMS Leaders

On the New York State side, the Cuomo administration has been meeting with leaders from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine how much Medicaid can pay for particular services. According to Capital New York, few people know exactly what is being discussed.

CMS Releases 2015 Report

CMS also released this week their 2015 Impact Assessment of Quality Measures Report. The report details the “clear progress” that the U.S. has made towards delivering effective healthcare.

United Hospital Fund Awards Major Grants

The United Hospital Fund recently awarded nearly half a million dollars in grants to improve NYC healthcare services.

Department of Health Meetings

Here’s a link to upcoming Department of Health meetings.