Protect Prescriber Prevails
Patients and health care providers should have the final say in medication choices.

Prescriber Prevails Update

The final budget for 2016-17 rejected the executive budget proposal to repeal Prescriber Prevails for all drug classes in Fee for Service and Managed Care, except for atypical-antipsychotics and antidepressants! This proposal would have had negative impacts on patient access to medications, and would have restricted the rights of health care providers to provide the best prescription treatments for their patients’ specific health conditions through Prescriber Prevails.

Prescriber Prevails is intended to help ensure that patients receive the most appropriate medications to treat their medical conditions. Health care providers know that patient adherence is critical to improving outcomes, and they rely on prescriber prevails to help meet treatment goals.

You can help ensure that patients are protected by Prescriber Prevails in New York State.

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