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Medicaid Prescription Drug Changes Start Saturday

Check out the Gannett story today about concern advocates have over the new prescription drug changes to Medicaid.

Disparities in Health Care Event

Here’s an interesting Health Affairs article about disparities in health care – important for patient advocates. There’s an October 6 briefing in Washington DC about the upcoming article sponsored by Health Affairs. For any of our partner groups that have a chance to attend, please report back and let us know how this goes!

Medicaid Redesign Team listens to concerns on Managed Long-Term Care

Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) continues to hold public hearings regarding different facets of his Medicaid Overhaul plan. Yesterday, providers and advocates expressed concerns over the MRT draft proposal for Managed Long-Term care.

Pain Foundation Pres. Says Physician, not HMO, should decide treatment

U.S. Pain Foundations President, Paul Gileno, has an op-ed in the Buffalo News on New York’s new restrictions on prescribing drugs for Medicaid patients. Gileno thinks taking the decision out of the provider’s hands could hurt New Yorkers and possibly end up costing more money in hospital and emergency room visits.

Exchange Bill Soon?

As the end of New York’s legislative session nears, rumors about a health insurance exchange bill are flying. Some insiders heard yesterday that the governor’s bill would be introduced perhaps as early as today, but definitely prior to the Memorial Day break.

Politicians target insurers, drugmaker on gout drug

Gout, an arthritic disease, is on the rise. And that’s perhaps why it is the focus of lobbying efforts in New York and elsewhere.

Gout affects some 6 million adults in the country, a number that is growing as the population ages and becomes more obese. A disease seen primarily in males, its occurrence is rising in women over the age of 70.

NYSHF on IT Readiness

The New York State Health Foundation analyzed the state’s health information technology infrastructure capabilities and offered a list of options for integrating them. That will be necessary to meet federal requirements for setting up an insurance exchange. The 50-page report, written by Social Interest Solutions, rates the existing computer architecture of 15 electronic health information systems now in use in New York.

PHHPC Members Named

After many months of delays, the state has released its list of nominees for the Public Health and Health Planning Council. The nominations, which include the previous members of the Public Health Council, need Senate approval.