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Why Prescriber Prevails

This year, a protective provision in the New York State Medicaid managed care and Medicaid fee-for-service program is at risk. This provision, known as Prescriber Prevails, protects New York’s most vulnerable patients — low-income patients, patients of color, patients with chronic conditions — and ensures they have access to the medicine their doctor or other

Alzheimer’s vs. Dementia: Explained

We often hear “Alzheimer’s” and dementia being used interchangeably. And for the most part, there’s good reason for that. Essentially, dementia is the set of symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s disease, so it’s not exactly inaccurate to say someone with Alzheimer’s also has dementia. But phew it seems confusing — and there are a couple of

It’s National Take Back Day!

What is National Take Back Day?  National Take Back Day is a part of the DEA initiative to limit the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs by safely and anonymously collecting unused or expired prescription medications at approved collection sites. It usually occurs twice annually nationwide, once in the spring and once in the fall.

3 Meditations To Try To Get You Hooked

Everyone’s talking about meditation these days. The benefits have been well established: According to the National Institutes of Health, studies have shown meditation can relieve various conditions, and, the site says, “there’s evidence that it may reduce blood pressure in addition to symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and flare-ups in people who have had ulcerative

Easy Ways to Get More Exercise

Regular physical activity has tons of benefits, from lowering the risk of many diseases and conditions to mental health benefits. So how can you get more exercise easily? Check out our infographic below to find out! (And please remember to check with a health care professional before starting any workout regimen.)

Being Pregnant With a Chronic Disease

What You Need to Know About Being Pregnant with a Chronic Illness If you’re here because you’re nervous about being pregnant while also living with a chronic illness, we’re here to tell you: Don’t worry. With proper care and caution, most pregnant people go on to have healthy, happy babies.  While pregnancy can trigger chronic

Dry Mouth Explained

Most of us have experienced dry mouth, whether in the morning when we just wake up, after a cocktail or a cup of coffee, a lack of hydration, or any number of other reasons. Dry mouth is pretty common, but there are a number of causes. (And a number of treatments!) But, as with all

Body Weight Exercises to do Anywhere

Want to get a lil exercise but don’t have equipment? These body weight exercises work for anyone, anywhere. (But remember to check with your doctor before taking on a new exercise regimen.)

Foods to Eat With Medication

Different medications have different instructions for taking them. Some require an empty stomach; others recommend taking with food for better absorption. (And still others discourage some food combinations, such as grapefruit and cholesterol medication.) But what constitutes “with food”?  According to the New York Times, your stomach is empty about two hours after you eat

Why Allergies Persist in the Fall

Itchy eyes in September? Watery eyes on Halloween? Allergies are only supposed to carry on through the warm months, right? While spring is the season best known for allergy problems, the truth is that allergies can be a problem year-round. This begs the question: Why? We asked around and did a little digging, and discovered