Your Weekly Dose of Health April 29, 2016

National News:

  • A proposal on the ballot in Colorado would have the state replace the Affordable Care Act with universal health care coverage.
  • A recent study in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that treating depression in pregnant women can benefit not only them but also their baby.

State News:

  • Speaking of treating depression, the governor announced that DFS has issued guidance to health insurers regarding their role in providing coverage for maternal depression screening.
  • The governor announced today plans to seek federal approval to offer Medicaid coverage to incarcerated individuals with serious health issues.

City News:

  • Mayor de Blasio announced the release of a report outlining his plans to address the financial shortfall of Health and Hospitals. In his executive budget, he proposed to invest an additional $160 million into H&H.
  • His executive budget also included plans to triple the number of intensive care mental health units on Riker’s Island.

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