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STEM Talent Pipeline Grant

Announcing Our STEM Talent Pipeline Grant Recipients

On July 27th, we awarded a STEM Talent Pipeline grant to Tech Valley High School’s Camp Innov@tion and Questar III STEM Research Institute. This grant allows secondary school teachers to further their education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and get hands-on experience, so they can bring what they learn back to the classroom to

Researcher's Day New York Health Works

Medical Researchers – The Unsung Heroes of Health Care

On May 22nd, we hosted a powerful event about the impact of medical research and innovation. Did you know that medical researchers are responsible for the research and development of anti-rejection drugs and life-saving drugs that prolong the lives of patients waiting for a transplant? This is what we learned from Aisha M. Tator, the

Senior Medication Tips New York Health Works

Medication Tips for Seniors

As we age, we rely more and more on prescriptions to maintain our health. This blog will offer older adults tips to maintaining their prescriptions.

RX Common Sense Bill New York Health Works

It’s Common Sense: The Consumer Prescription Drug Bill of Rights

An overview of the RX Common Sense Bill and NYHW’s stance on the issue.

URGENT! Your Voice Is Needed Now

Non-Medical Switching is threatening to change your prescription medication coverage in the middle of your health care plan enrollment year. Call and email now to support Senate bill S.5022-A and Assembly bill A.2317-A. This bill prohibits commercial health insurance plans from switching your medication coverage during an enrollment year.           Non-Medical

June 19, 2017 – Action Alert Issued

What you should know about non-medical switching of prescription drugs

Imagine you are a patient who is taking medication for an acute, chronic, or rare medical condition. Suddenly, during the contract year and for a non-medical reason, your health plan stops covering your drug. This unjustified, potentially dangerous practice is becoming increasingly common. It is called non-medical switching, since the change rarely happens for medical

Special Edition Weekly Dose of Health January 24, 2017

Special Edition Weekly Dose of Health  Notable healthcare proposals in the Executive Budget include the following: $17.7 billion in state share spending for Medicaid Proposed Medicaid spending of $63.2 billion for 2017 and $65.2 billion for 2018.  The budget continues the Medicaid Global Cap through 2019. Additional Capital support for health care providers of $500

Your Weekly Dose of Health January 20, 2017

National News Representative Tom Price, the man President-elect Donald J. Trump has chosen to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, promised on Wednesday to make sure people do not “fall through the cracks” if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, and set a goal to increase the number of people with health insurance.

Medication Safety: How to Avoid Prescription Misuse

Prescription drugs are important in maintaining a healthy quality of life. It is imperative, however, that we understand the potential dangers of improper use and how to avoid these dangers. Misuse of prescribed medications can result in serious health risks and, in more severe cases, misuse can lead to death. There are several precautions you