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Electronic Health Records To Cut Costs?

3/13/12 – Over the past decade there has been a coordinated effort by the Department of Health and Human Services to increase the use of electronic health records by health care providers across the country.

Urgent Message: Medicaid Beneficiaries Need Your Help

3/12/12 – The Assembly one-house budget bill does not address the difficulties that Medicaid recipients are experiencing in accessing prescription drugs.

Numbers Argument Against Patient Protections Doesn’t Make Sense

3/12/12 – Yesterday, the Associated Press published a story on the difficulties that Medicaid recipients are experiencing in accessing prescription drugs since October 1, when the program was moved into managed care. Patient advocates are fighting to restore a provision that allows health care providers to ultimately prevail with health plans when prescribing prescription drugs.

Standards for Health Exchanges Coming

3/10/12 – Within the next few days, the White House will issue standards for health exchanges. States will continue to have broad authority over exchange details. However, the standards will also make clear that those states which do not set up health exchanges will have them set up and run by the federal government.

URGENT APPEAL: We need to hear your stories!

3/9/12 – Urgent Appeal: We Need to Hear Your Stories in order to Fight for “Prescriber Prevails”! Gov. Cuomo restored patient protections in regard to access to contraception but left all other Medicaid patients without vital protections and access to necessary medications.

Urgent Action: We Need to Hear Your Stories

3/8/12 – Urgent Action: We Need to Hear Your Stories in order to Fight for “Prescriber Prevails”! We Need to Tell the Governor Patients Have Been Wronged

Minority Advocacy Groups and Lawmakers Fight for Patient Protections

3/8/12 – A coalition of minority advocacy groups joined many black and Hispanic state legislators to push Gov. Cuomo to restore patient protections in the Medicaid pharmacy benefit.

Statement by Leading Patient Advocacy Groups Regarding Patient Protections

3/7/12 – Leading patient advocacy groups released a statement today that acknowledged the correct decision made by Gov. Cuomo to allow Medicaid recipients access to all forms of contraception. But they also urge the Governor to address the lack of patient protections for other vulnerable populations.

Time Is Running Out! New Video on Restoring Patient Protections

3/6/12 – …Patient advocates, health care providers and many members of the NYS Legislature are fighting to restore those patient protections in the 2012-2013 budget. They held a press conference last week urging the Legislature and governor to take action. Here’s the video from the event.

Sen. Hannon Shows Support For Patient Protections

3/2/12 – At the news event mentioned in the previous blog, Sen. Hannon joined Assemblyman Peter Rivera, Assemblyman Karim Camara and multiple groups of patient advocates to express his support for restoring patient protections back to the NYS 2012-2013 budget.