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Minority Advocacy Groups and Lawmakers Fight for Patient Protections

3/8/12 – A coalition of minority advocacy groups joined many black and Hispanic state legislators to push Gov. Cuomo to restore patient protections in the Medicaid pharmacy benefit.

Statement by Leading Patient Advocacy Groups Regarding Patient Protections

3/7/12 – Leading patient advocacy groups released a statement today that acknowledged the correct decision made by Gov. Cuomo to allow Medicaid recipients access to all forms of contraception. But they also urge the Governor to address the lack of patient protections for other vulnerable populations.

Time Is Running Out! New Video on Restoring Patient Protections

3/6/12 – …Patient advocates, health care providers and many members of the NYS Legislature are fighting to restore those patient protections in the 2012-2013 budget. They held a press conference last week urging the Legislature and governor to take action. Here’s the video from the event.

Sen. Hannon Shows Support For Patient Protections

3/2/12 – At the news event mentioned in the previous blog, Sen. Hannon joined Assemblyman Peter Rivera, Assemblyman Karim Camara and multiple groups of patient advocates to express his support for restoring patient protections back to the NYS 2012-2013 budget.

Guest Blogger Update: Women Need Access to All Methods of Contraception

3/2/12 – Last week, the blog featured Tracey Brooks of Family Planning Advocates, who discussed how the implementation of the new Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits policy limited women’s access to contraception. Tracy also spoke at a press conference this week at the Capitol where advocates and legislators gathered to urge lawmakers and the Governor to reinstate patient protections…

Insurance Exchanges Establishment Moving Slowly

2/27/12 – Here is an informative NY Times article that gives the status of many states’ efforts to create a health insurance exchange in compliance with Pres. Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Implementation of New Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Policy Impacts Access to Contraception

2/24/12 – We are pleased to offer our readers a guest blogger today! President & CEO of Family Planning Advocates, M. Tracey Brooks, explains how the implementation of Medicaid Redesign Team proposal #11, which bundles pharmacy benefits into Medicaid Managed Care, has affected access to certain contraceptives

Health Exchange Meeting Focus on Business Operations

2/17/12 – Today, staffs from the Governor’s Office, the Department of Health and the Department of Financial Services held a meeting on the state’s plans for a health benefit exchange…The presentation covered primarily business operations aspects of the exchange, including an operations blueprint, exchange set up, core systems, outreach and marketing, quality health plan management and regulatory compliance and reporting.

NY Attorney General Schneiderman Proposes Nonprofit Overhaul

2/16/12 – NY AG Eric Schneiderman today announced a new proposal that would change the way NY nonprofits are governed. The goal is to reduce the financial and operation burdens on the sector while also strengthening oversight.

Lack of Primary Care Doctors…cont.

2/14/12 – To piggy back on a post from yesterday on how the lack of primary care doctors will make implementing the Affordable Care Act more difficult for states – here’s an article from the LA Times relating to the primary care shortage.